God Loves You and the Lord Jesus Christ came to seek and to save you.

Grace Baptist Church serves our Lord Jesus Christ by providing ministry to the people our Lord sends our way with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the teaching (doctrines) contained in the perfectly preserved, never-changing Word of God, the King James Bible.

Our Ministries for you and Your Family

Bible Studies and Sunday School - Sunday School on Sunday's at 9:30 AM.

Worship Services - Sunday 10:40 AM and 6:00 PM

Wednesday - Prayer Meeting and Bible Study 7:00 PM - Kings Kids Club and Youth 7:00 PM

Men's and Women's Ministry - As Organized

Evangelism and Outreach - As Organized

Our Pastor

Our Pastor is, Dr. Walter D Huyck, D.Min.

His Ministry Website is 'This Chrsitian Journey,'